Artistic and cultural translation

I mainly offer my services to cultural institutions such as museums, art galleries, magazines, researchers who need to publish their works, among others.

Those who work on these institutions make a great effort on spreading culture and art to the public, so that we never forget the importance of seeing the world through a more sensitive and creative prism. However, it is quite often to deal with foreign visitors who won’t be able to make the most of this experience and will lose a significant part of your exhibition if they don’t have access to information in their own language. There’s where I can help ypu.

With my experience in translation and my knowledge about art, I guarantee a high quality job, and I won’t only be in charge of translating your content, but will also adapt it the your audience’s needs so that they cant benefit the most from the experience.

Some of the texts I work with are:

  • Exhibition catalogues
  • Audio tour content
  • Promotional brochures
  • Gallery texts
  • Art and culture articles
  • Art reviews